This photos will restore your faith in humanity and inspire you to take action

We become so busy with our own life and struggles, that we don’t find the time anymore to look at others.

Those people found the time and made the effort, to make a change and to open their eyes and help someone else.

Get ready to be inspired

1. Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll took the trouble and went to hospital to visit his biggest fan


2. A brave police man handcuffed himself to a girl who wanted to commit suicide and by risking is own life saved her.


3. This guy took the time and helped this lady and her dog to enter safely to the train.


4. This guy get to crowd surfing in a concert, by riding on strangers kindness.


5. Every night after his shift is ended, this guy takes the bagels that left in the restaurant and give it away to those in need.


6. After his wife got a stroke, this guy teaching his wife how to read again and shows us all what is love.


7. This dry cleaning business decided to give some back to the community by just being kind.


8. Every lunch time this co worker is reading to his friend who cant read and help him feeling part of humanity.


9. This act of kindness made a lot of dogs happy.


10. A snapping turtle got caught in traffic and this gentleman found the time to stop his can and help him.



Faith in humanity restored !