10 Unbelievable ways that animals in nature are getting themselves disguise, you may not see them all

It does not meter if they are the hunters or the hunted, this animals have the ability to blend in with nature in a way that even the most trained eye could no track them.

This abilities are crucial to their survival and therefor amazing, just look.

1. A nighthawk resting on rocks where it blends into its surroundings in eastern Washington


2. White-tailed Ptarmigan in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada


3. An Impala hiding in vegetation in Botswana’s Chobe National Park, Africa


4. Two Klipspringers camouflaged against a rocky outcrop in Chobe, Botswana (lets see if you find the second one)


5. A spectacled caiman in Llanos, Venezuela.


6. A wolf peering out from behind a tree trunk in an autumn Montana forest


7. A  Blue-crowned parrot disappears in the lush Central American rainforest, Chan Chich, Belize


8.A Leopard conceals herself in vegetation at the base of a tree in Kruger National Park, Transvaal, South Africa


9.  Underwing Moth, this little guys are just becoming part of the tree


10. The Tawny Frogmouth is a type of owl native to Australia, their hiding technique is to pretend to be a broken tree…