When you will see what tall people realy look like, you will be shocked

We are use to see them as just giants and sometime cant even get what is all about, this photos will make you understand what its relay like and how tall is really tall compare to someone with an average height.

You will be shocked when you see that

Well, no need to guess who got the rebound..


Playing with friends is a bit unfair..


Finding a bed was not an easy task

The world's tallest woman - Yao Defen


Yao Ming takes notes from Van Gundy


This solider found the right friend


So much for keeping a low profile…


Manute Bol, once the tallest NBA player with Muggsy Bogues.


The tallest man in the world having a quite time in the street.

Brazil - Guinness World Records - Tallest Man

Just 2 friends siting and chatting